KBP Announcers Accreditation Program and Exams

What the KBP Announcers Accreditation Program is About

Tha Announcers Accreditation Program was established in May 1977 by the KBP and the Broadcast Media Council, the self-regulatory body of the broadcast industry in the Philippines at that time. The program aims to ensure that announcers and personalities regularly going on board on KBP member stations know and understand the ethical and professional standards required of broadcasters. KBP-accredited broadcasters are obligated to uphold the broadcast and journalism standards embodied in the KBP Broadcast Code and make themselves accountable for violations of these standards to the KBP's Standards Authority. It is hoped that in this manner, broadcast media continue to earn the trust and confidence of the public.

The Accreditation Exams

The KBP presently accredits only announcers and personalities who regularly go on the air on member stations (Announcers, Anchors, Presenters, DJs (Disc Jockeys), Newscasters, News Reporters, Commentators, etc.). To qualify for accreditation, they must pass the accreditation exam administered by the KBP.  The exams are available online. Only applicants who have been endorsed and qualified by a KBP station may take the exams. If you are applying for accreditation and would like to take the exams, you may register here.

A reviewer for the KBP Accreditation Exam is also available here.

For more information on the KBP Accreditation Program and the online accreditation exams, you may call 8815-1991 or 8815-1992 or email [email protected]